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Suitable for aging, dehydrated skins and to lighten pigmentation.

NAT. C Serum

  • NAT.'s Vitamin C Serum has a unique, natural formulation to lighten pigmentation and assist with cell regeneration, for a healthy glowing complexion.

    Combining powerful anti-ageing vitamin C (8%), milk thistle and sea-buckthorn extract, this lightweight serum promotes a youthful appearance, increases skin elasticity, slows oxidation and boosts skin hydration by replenishing the skin’s lipid barrier throughout the day. 

    NAT. C Serum skincare benefits:

    ●      A youthful, glowing complexion

    ●      Skin is hydrated throughout the day

    ●      Improved skin elasticity

    ●      Protects against internal and external agressors 

    NAT. C Serum protects against internal and external agressors

    How to use: Apply 2-4 drops in the morning after cleansing skin, and before moisturising. 

    Unit size: 30ml

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