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For sensitive / fragile skins

Restore Moisture Cream

  • NAT. Restore Moisture Cream contains natural antioxidants to soften, hydrate and balance sensitive and fragile skin.  

    Herbal extracts of calendula, sweet woodruff and chamomile dramatically reduce redness and inflammation associated with delicate, fragile skin, while potent antioxidants soften and balance the skin and help it to retain adequate levels of moisture.

  • • extract of calendula and sweet woodruff: anti-inflammatory properties assist with calming and reducing redness in the skin.

    • chamomile herbal extract: excellent on a delicate skin for soothing and hydrating.

    • retinyl palmitate (vitamin A): considered as a milder version of retinoic acid, it stimulates the production of epidermal protein and increases skin elasticity. Reducing the depth of fine lines/wrinkles, it also increase cellular turnover. It is considered to be a safe form of vitamin A.

    • panthenol (Vitamin B5): softens and helps to balance the skin's natural PH. A powerful anttioxidant, it helps skin to retain moisture levels.

     • tocopheryl acetate (Natural Vitamin E): extracted from vegetable oils, it is a fat soluble vitamin that helps boost the production of collagen. It helps repair the top layer of skin, while its antioxidant properties help to maintain cell integrity.

    NAT. Restore Moisture Cream is 100% natural, and contains no preservatives.

    Unit Size:50g

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